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act Řanda Havel Legal has significant experience representing clients in  insolvency proceedings, both on the part of the creditor and the debtor. We analyse the client’s financial situation from the point of view of insolvency law and propose suitable methods of resolution. We have many years of practical knowledge resolving bankruptcies by means of reorganisation. We provide legal services during the collection of compensation for damages or other injuries suffered as a result of the failure to file for insolvency or the unjustified filing for insolvency. We also represent clients in proceedings associated with the criminal law liability of individuals arising from a breach of the responsibilities within the framework of insolvency proceedings.

ŘANDA HAVEL LEGAL in  particular:

  • Prepares insolvency filings, submits claims and proposals for permission to reorganise;

  • Provides clients´ consulting services on their obligations and the standing of authorised representatives in the event of  bankruptcy or the threat of bankruptcy;

  • Represents clients in  incidental disputes;

  • Provides legal services related to reorganising debtors;

  • Supervises activities of  insolvency administrators;  

  • Provides consultancy in regards to acquiring property from debtors’ estates within the framework of administration;

  • Provides consultancy in criminal law areas associated with insolvency proceedings.

EPRAVO.CZ, the prestigious Czech online legal journal, has recommended act Řanda Havel Legal in the area of Restructuring and Insolvency law in its Law Firm of the Year 2022 ranking. The annual awards are decided by an independent group of 250 evaluators from the ranks of companies and institutions, as well as by EPRAVO.CZ, an independent entity that monitors and follows lawyers in the Czech Republic.