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About act legal

In spring 2017, the prestigious corporate law firms act AC Tischendorf (Germany), act BSWW (Poland), act MPH (Slovakia), act Řanda Havel Legal (Czech Republic) and act WMWP (Austria) joined forces under the name act legal. In March 2018 two additional law firms joined this international law firm with independent offices: act Fort Advocaten (Netherlands) and act Bán Karika (Hungary). In January 2020 act Botezatu Estrade Partners (Romania) became the next members of the European law firm with independent offices. act VFGS AVVOCATI ASSOCIATI (Italy) joined the firm in June 2020. The latest arrivals to the act legal family are act Aston Avocats (France) and act KDBM Law (Bulgaria), which are officially part of the family as of July 2023.

With more than 300 first-class corporate lawyers, tax consultants and business experts, act legal will be the very first choice for top-quality legal advice in Europe.

act legal plans to provide global support to clients through its existing network memberships, linking it to more than 60 law firms and approximately 1,350 lawyers in all major business centres of the world.

The main aim of act legal is to offer clients who need high-level, cross-border or regional legal advice an attractive alternative to major international law firms. The aim is not just to offer reasonable prices, but to provide higher quality services through greater partner involvement. act legal’s enviable partner-lawyer ratio, combined with its members’ established records of accomplishment in their jurisdictions, excellent relationships and deep local understanding, means act legal will be able to provide clients with efficient and cost-effective top calibre efficient legal services.

In addition, foreign law firms and their clients – especially those from the USA and Asia – will have a convenient one-stop shop for assistance with legal affairs in Europe.

act legal’s activities are coordinated by managing partners Sven Tischendorf (act AC Tischendorf) and Martin Řanda (act Řanda Havel Legal) who together have many years of professional collaboration between them.

Over the next few years, act legal aims to have its own offices in all major countries of Europe. Initial talks are already underway with high-performing law firms in Scandinavia focused on Corporate, M&A and General Commercial law.

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