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Environmental Law and Waste Disposal

act Řanda Havel Legal is one of the leading law firms in the Czech market in the area of waste disposal and environmental law. The activities in this area are regulated by ever stricter standards at a national, European and international level, while sanctions for breaching them are in the range of several tens of millions of Czech crowns.

We provide legal services in regards to procuring administrative permits and assessing compliance of clients’ activities with binding legal regulations; we represent clients in administrative proceedings and in any associated judicial proceedings, provide contractual documentation concerning this area and regulate contractual relations regarding compliance with environmental protection regulations in general. The services provided by act Řanda Havel Legal also include consultancy associated with the area of planning permission and building permit proceedings and assessing environmental impact.

act Řanda Havel Legal in particular: 

  • Provides consultancy in association with legal regulation of waste disposal (fulfilment of the waste originator’s legal obligations, the retrieval and use of waste);

  • Provides consultancy in regards to cross-border transportation of waste;

  • Assists in regards to compiling internal guidelines concerning waste disposal and fulfilling obligations during environmental protection;

  • Represents clients in administrative proceedings before state sector and local governmental bodies;

  • Represents clients before administrative courts with regard to hearings concerning actions brought against administrative decisions;

  • Prepares and assesses contractual relations in the area of environmental law and waste disposal;

  • Performs detailed pre-transaction inspections (due diligence) of the item of sale or purchase for the purpose of assessing the environmental risk and identifying the limitations on any further development arising from environmental protection regulations;

  • Performs other environmental legal audits according to the client’s specifications;

  • Provides legal consultancy in regards to planning permission and building permit proceedings (especially assessing the environmental impact of the planned structure (EIA), legal consultancy in the area of protecting water and forest growth, etc.);

  • Provides legal consultancy associated with protecting the atmosphere (especially matters associated with operating sources of atmospheric pollution, acquiring appropriate permits and permits to trade in emissions);

  • Provides legal assistance in the area of liability for damage to the environment and compensation for damages.

act Řanda Havel Legal won the category of Environmental Law in prestigious ratings of law firms „Law Firm of the Year 2022“ by EPRAVO.CZ.
The annual awards are decided by an independent group of 250 evaluators from the ranks of companies and institutions, as well as by EPRAVO.CZ, an independent entity that monitors and follows lawyers in the Czech Republic.

Environmental Law and Waste Disposal