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act Řanda Havel Legal provides legal services associated with securities, regardless of their type. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the use of securities as a means of payment, as a method of securing receivables, as a method of financing or as equity participation certificates.

act Řanda Havel Legal in particular:

  • Performs any operations with shares, especially issuing, altering, transferring or suspending shares;

  • Provides legal services in the area of bills of exchange and cheque law and during issuance, transfer, payment or suspension of bills of exchange and cheques;

  • Secures changes in the type, form and appearance or nominal value of securities, accepting securities for trading in regular markets or withdrawing them from trading in  regular markets;

  • Provides legal services concerning securities received for trading in regular markets, including preparing prospectuses;

  • Provides legal services during the issuing of  bonds, including transferable and priority bonds;

  • Prepares and assesses the contracts on the transfer, suspension or escrow of securities.