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Dear clients, we are still fully available for You as usual! 

Follow the up-to-date legal information below and also in About Us / Newsletter section.


Extension of Compensation Package for Employers

Emergency measures were adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic  

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What can be claimed as damages?

Liability of the state for damages in connection with the measures adopted in crisis

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Special Working Group COVID-19  

At the moment, ensuring the health and life of all people is a clear priority. Our respect and thanks belong primarily to all medical professionals, IRS units and all others in the “first line”. 

We have at least set up a specialized team of lawyers for You. Its task is to develop the fastest and best defence against the serious economic consequences of the Corona Pandemic. 

Bellow you can find the contacts for our specialists:

Labor law and employees
tomas.slaby (at); lenka.droscova (at) 

Performance of contractual obligations
jan.havel (at); jan.ozana (at) 

Compensation and restitution of damages
alois.satava (at); matyas.kuzela (at)