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Personal Data

act Řanda Havel Legal provides comprehensive consultancy in the area of  personal data protection law. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge at both a national and European level, and wide experience with hearings before the Office for Personal Data Protection as well as representing clients during inspections and administrative proceedings undertaken by the Office.

act Řanda Havel Legal provides legal services during the processing of personal data in the area of industry and services, in commerce using payment and card systems and in  the field of information technology and the internet, especially in association with creating databases and their subsequent use in regular operations or for marketing purposes. We provide consultancy on outsourcing the aforementioned activities to third parties with an emphasis on guaranteed adherence to all the legal requirements during processing.

act Řanda Havel Legal in particular:

  • Provides consultancy prior to commencing personal data processing, prepares legal concepts for personal data protection;

  • Secures registration of personal data administrators with the Office for Personal Data Protection;

  • Provides consultancy during processing of personal data;

  • Provides consultancy during fulfilment of informative and instructional obligations towards subjects of the data;

  • Prepares personal data processing contracts and other documentation, especially those containing internal organisational directives setting out personal data protection obligations within the framework of companies, state sector authorities or other organisations and institutions;

  • Provides consultancy during transfer of personal data abroad;

  • Represents clients before the Office for Personal Data Protection during inspections and in administrative proceedings;

  • Represents clients in administrative justice system in connection with decisions (especially on sanctions) issued by the Office for Personal Data Protection;

  • Represents clients within framework of civil law disputes pertaining to protection of  personal rights.

Personal Data