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act Řanda Havel Legal understands the business activities of its clients and the specific legal regulations that regulate them. Our team has extensive experience, especially in the areas of competition law, the regulation of electronic communications and e-commerce, advertising and media law, personal data protection law, environmental law, waste law, construction law, including large industrial units and linear structures, regulations of specific demands placed on some products when they are launched onto the market (for example foodstuffs, medicinal preparations, automobiles) and so on. act Řanda Havel Legal’s team of lawyers has acquired extensive experience in regards to resolving the consequences of breaches of regulations. We represent clients in proceedings before all administrative bodies and in any associated administrative court proceedings, using our knowledge of a given field to significantly reduce or completely quash any sanctions originally imposed on our clients.

act Řanda Havel Legal in particular:

  • Represents clients in administrative proceedings and protecting them against any sanctions imposed by public sector bodies;

  • Represents clients in their defence against decisions illegally imposed by an administrative body and in other cases.

  • Proposes and updates clients’ internal regulations for the purpose of preventing any breaches of legal regulations due to changes in  the regulatory environment;

  • Assists during preparation and implementation of comprehensive compliance programs, including training of key employees;

  • Assists during preparation of key strategies with regard to developments in sector regulation and the application thereof, including communication with regulatory authorities;

  • Assists in finding legal solutions that are safe and limit clients’ commercial activities to the least possible extent.